The robotisation of processes allows the use of human resources for activities with greater added value

The robotisation of processes is can be realised within days
The realisation of processes with the aid of a robot helps to eliminate errors caused by the human factor

Benefits for your company

Robotic Automation has many benefits. The main ones are the financial impact of the reduction of operating costs, elimination of errors caused by the human factor, speed of execution of existing processes and the realisation of added value.

Financial impact

Savings made on robotised processes vary from 25-50% of costs before robotisation. The return on investment in robotisation varies from 2-6 months per automated process.

This is for the following reasons :

  • Robots can work 24/7 without user intervention

  • Robots can execute predefined activities in a fraction of the time in comparison with a normal user.

Added value

The implementation of robots for routine, repetitive processes frees up human capacity. People, with their capacity for innovation, creativity and a personalised approach, can then be redirected to areas that bring greater added value.

Robotic Automation is fast and easy

Contrary to expectations, Robotic Automation is a process whose realisation takes only days and weeks.

This is for the following reasons :

  • Robots can work with existing systems and data. The introduction of Robotic Automation does not require changes to be made to information systems and does not require system integration, which tends to be drawn-out and costly.

  • Robots can work with systems based on different technologies and processes across different applications.


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