• Our partner, UiPath, has created an RPA system that is suitable for the deployment of process robotisation in large company environments.

  • The solution it offers is also applied in both the automation of activities performed by workstations and for the processing of data on servers.

  • UiPath’s robotic SW facilitates the fast, independent automation of process, with major cost savings.

The advantage of this technology is its ease of operation, allowing users to automate their processes across a variety of applications and systems quickly, easily and securely.

Implementation of UiPath robotic software

Implementation of the RPA solution is divided into the following main steps:

  • Definition of process for automation for “proof of concept”

  • Design a konfigurace procesu v RPA.

  • Design and configuration of process in RPA

  • Fine-tuning and trial operation of process robot

  • Acceptance

  • Operation

One of the most important components of the robotisation of company processes is the selection of a competent client representative. Mutual cooperation is essential and a prerequisite for successful realisation of the project. We guarantee the methodological progress of the project and specialists for realisation of the solution. The client representative must be familiar with company activities and relationships used as the basis for defining the solution.

Before the actual start of analytical tasks on specific computers the form of current company activities (processes) performed by employees must be discussed. Individual activities may be carried out on a single computer, several computers, a computer network, or processed locally on a server or through an external (cloud) solution.

The solution is implemented on programmes provided by UiPath, which function on a non-invasive basis within specific client infrastructure.

Strategic development of Robotic Automation in your company.

In addition to implementation itself, it is important to give your company the option, on a continual basis, to independently name, implement, administer and control the automation of processes using UiPath tolls and technology.

Our company helps you to develop your knowledge of and skills in process automation. We will train your team so that it can independently take steps to automate other processes. We are also able to provide your time with external support at any time.


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