About us


Fornuft has two meanings. One the one hand it means “for new utilities for technologies”, and on the other, it is the Norwegian word for “common sense”.

Those are the two principles that we live by. On the one hand we want to give space to new technologies – but while using our common sense and deploying them only where they bring a benefit that is measureable and clearly definable.

The Fornuft group

(Fornuft s.r.o, Fornuft Robotics s.r.o.)

We are engaged in Robotic Automation, while seeking to be capable of working with all technologies that impact the market such that we are able to always recommend the best solution for our clients. For this reason we, as individual companies, are partners of providers of the UiPath, UltimateRPA and WinAutomation platforms. As a group we successfully work towards growing the circle of our partners and the scope of our capabilities for working with RPA technologies so that we are always capable of flexibly proposing the best variation of robotic automation technology for our clients. It is only this way that we can be, now and in the future, a tool for savings and source of added value for our clients.

We believe in the future of Robotic Automation and its benefit to companies. We are a team that unites, on the one hand, knowledge of processes in organisations and, on the other, years of knowledge of working with technologies.

  • We propose solutions for the automation of your processes
  • We implement RPA solutions that meet your company’s process and financial needs
  • We teach you how to work with the RPA system and automate other processes while your company’s processes are still ongoing



Fornuft s.r.o.

Rybná 716/3
110 00 Praha 1, Česká Republika

Phone: +420 723 638 400

Fornuft Robotics s.r.o.

Na Folimance 2155/15
120 00 Praha 2, Vinohrady

Phone: +420 606 655 221